The purpose of this site is to make a meaningful contribution to a better society and a better world, where ordinary people are brought to a knowledge of God’s purpose for their lives.

If you have read Rick Warren’s ‘The Purpose Driven Life,”, you may remember where he mentions the episode in the Bible when Yahusha gave his followers the Great Commission, and said, “Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation” (Mark 16:15).  The followers must have felt overwhelmed and bewildered by this command. How were they to go to the whole world?  Should they walk or ride a camel?

After all, those were the only means of travel available to them.  To reach the whole world was no small task with those means of transport, and Yahusha’s Great Commission posed a huge challenge for them. Since they had no cars, buses, trains or planes in those days, It would certainly take a lot of time and effort to travel from town to distant town, and proclaim the gospel to the whole world.

However, when they received the gift of the Holy Spirit, they were empowered with the Most High’s strength to face this challenge, and to overcome the greatest barriers facing them.

Today, we are fortunate that we can travel on trains, ships and planes to carry the good news of God’s kingdom to all the world. We can carry out the Great Commission much more efficiently because of the vast increase in knowledge and technology we possess,

Movies such as Mel’s “The Passion of the Christ”, have contributed in a huge way to getting the good news of Yahuwah’s kingdom out to the whole world. While people are quick to tear Mel Gibson down for some of his words and actions in the public arena, they forget that he has given a huge voice to the Most High’s message that has saved millions of souls around the world.

Further, the internet is another effective method of taking God’s salvation message to people around the world.. Today, one can sit at one’s desk and communicate the gospel to the ends of the earth, using a computer and the internet.

We therefore consider it a great privilege that  we can play a part in Yahusha’s Great Commission to spread the gospel through this means.

I. Q. Varea

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